Protect Your Investment

BeerCanKeepers consist of three parts shown here. They are the plug, shell and desiccant packet.
Ready to insert can

BeerCanKeepers come in five standard sizes to fit the following cans;
Size      Type                  Outside Dimensions
8oz Flats and Tabs         2.75"dia x 4"
12oz Flats and Tabs       2.75"dia x 5.5"
16oz Flats and Tabs       2.75"dia x 6.785"
12oz Cone Tops             2.75"dia x 6.375"
12oz Crowntainers        3.00"dia x 5.75"

Some collectors have used the Flat/Tab Keepers to store cans other than Straight Steel cans. In this case it is recommended that a small piece of foam is inserted in the plug to keep the can from moving around in the Keeper.

Crowntainers are custom formed with a dimple in the top to hold the top of the Crowntainer. This keeps the can from rubbing against the inside of the Keeper.

Custom sizes can be made to fit many different collectibles. To date, custom Keepers have been produced to fit bottles, both beer and soda.

BeerCanKeeper assembled.
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